Top 10 Christmas Treats for the Nature Kid

So your child is a Nature Kid and you’re looking for the ideal Christmas present? Look no further, here are some ideas that don’t cost the world.

1. A kite. Make it yourself (it’s easy!) or get a kite making kit or get the real thing. The choices are mindboggling. Having flown a power kite, I’m rather taken by them but they may not be suitable for the small child as you may get lift off.

2. An annual membership of the Woodland Trust’s Nature Detectives. For £12 you get a year’s worth of activities for download which will keep you more than busy.

3. A rope swing or rope ladder. Again, easy to make yourself but if you’re not handy, the Eden Project for instance has a rope ladder for sale.

4. A wheeled object: balance bike, scooter or bike are sure to get the thumbs up. And because kids grow so quickly, a second hand one may be just the ticket.

5. An ant/butterfly raising kit, or a wormery.

6. A bug hunting kit. Easily put together with tweezers, a container, and a small magnifying glass. Kits are cheap to buy too.

7. An RSPB membership. This is also easy on your pocket and comes with a bird identifying book, and quarterly magazines.

8. A den kit. The Eden Project has one on offer ready to go, but it’s easily put together without doshing out £35. All you need is some fabric, string, and a bit of imagination.

9. A tent. Put it up in the garden and camp outside! I think we may wait for better weather though.

10. Chalk. Lots of it. Cheap and so much fun.

Have I missed out something unmissable? Please share your ideas in the comment box!

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6 Responses to Top 10 Christmas Treats for the Nature Kid

  1. Great ideas! I shared a link to this list on my own post about gift ideas for backyard nature fun (

  2. pamelagraham says:

    This is a great, informative blog. Very useful, thanks very much…

  3. I’m so with you on the chalk front! My girls spent hours last summer drawing outside, but also mixing coloured potions, doing face painting (!) etc. brilliant.

  4. I am loving that den making kit! Roll on payday!

  5. great ideas. I can’t wait to make dens outdoors: we do den building with blankets inside so I think she will like it…and kites too, so much fun to be had.

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