Nature Kids (Glasgow) attempts to bring together information and tips on how to spend more time outdoors and connect to nature. We hope that this site will become a one stop shop for all things nature and kids in and around Glasgow.

Every day of the week has a theme:

To start the week off, there will be a craft activity inspired by nature or with natural materials on Mondays.

On Tuesdays, there will be a book review/recommendation for a book that connects to the natural world.

On Wednesdays, we’ll feature an organised activity in or around Glasgow – this could be a crafts drop in, or a nature activity.

On Thursdays we’ll feature a place in and around Glasgow that is worth a visit and that offers an opportunity to spend time outdoors or experience the natural world.

Fridays we’ll bring you information on an outdoors or nature event at the weekend.

Saturdays is an open spot for food for thought – any ideas, initiatives or deeper thoughts on the topic of connecting children with nature can be found here.

Finally, on Sundays, there is space for sponsored product reviews that facilitate connecting children with nature.

Who is behind this site? My name is Steffi and I’m mum to two girls under 5. I’ve lived in Glasgow for 14 years and I’m passionate about passing on love and respect for the natural world to my children. We enjoy spending time outdoors, in woods, making mudpies, splashing in ponds and puddles, gardening and foraging, digging for beasties and building dens.

If you would like to contribute to this site with posts or reviews, please do get in touch. Sponsorship and review enquiries are also welcome.


2 Responses to About

  1. Me Mitchell says:

    Hi there,

    Glasgow City Council plan to ban kids playgroups and nurseries from all Glasgow parks. If you are like me and think these proposals should be scrapped, please read and sign the petition below and ask everyone you know to do the same.



    Twitter Handle: @Mr_Mitchell

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