Product Review: All in one skisuit

Now that the days are getting shorter and the wind that bit colder, it’s time to get the winter clothes out again. I always find myself slightly surprised that in spite of having rather a lot of outdoor gear, there’s still something that’s missing. So our toddler all in one waterproofs may still fit, but they are no way warm enough, and layering clothes isn’t something my children appreciate. In fact, it’s the single most annoying aspect of spending time outdoors in the winter, it’s all bulky and movement is restricted.

So I embraced the opportunity to review a ski suit from Vertbaudet with open arms, for the benefit of trying out a different type of winter gear. Winter gear doesn’t come cheap and this all in one retails for £65, however, if you keep your eyes peeled, you may well get a special deal with 30% or more off, as Vertbaudet often offer such special deals. In fact, just now the very snow suit is reduced by 30% which makes it much more affordable and very good value for money.

My initial reaction was that I like that there is a red unisex version of the skisuit, although to be fair the pink one looked quite nice too. But nevermind the colour choices, what’s important is functionality. The ski suit is not bulky – at least compared to what my kids usually wear. So much so that I’m slightly concerned that it may not keep 2 year old warm, so this will have to be tested in a cold spell. It’s very flexible so movement should not be an issue at all.

The suit is closed with zips and velcro, with just on button at the neck. I like this because it means that I don’t have to fiddle with buttons which isn’t something I enjoy. It also means that you can take it off quickly for nappy changes. There are 3 small pockets, enough for some stones and acorns and small enough that twigs won’t fit. That’s ok, we have enough twigs at home anyway to build a den, we don’t need to bring home more.

While this ski suit is designed for a winter holiday, we will be using it for general outdoor activities. It’s probably not designed for very muddy outings, just looking at the fabric it seems more wind and water proof than dirt resistant (I could be wrong though and be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to clean), but  if you, like me, take it for granted that kids get dirty and that it’s part of having kids, then this is not an issue. That said, the snow suit is machine washable which should do the trick anyway.

In the past I’ve had slight difficulties with the sizing of Vertbaudet clothes which are often a bit on the small side. The snowsuit in hand is size 3 years and it is actually for a 3 year old child and definitely big for my (small) 2 year old (I had assumed that 3y meant 2-3 years, but it’s a tad bigger than that). I’d recommend to check the helpful sizing info on the Vertbaudet website just below a product to get it right. Helpfully there are European sizes too which measure the actual height of children, so this snow suit at size 3 is for children up to 94cm tall (while 2-3 years usually equals 92cm). The good news is that we’ll get 2 winters’ use out of it.

This may be a bit technical, but if you commit to buy a hard wearing outdoor suit, it’s useful to get the sizing right. Returns are of course an option but it’s preferrable if the hassle of returning an item can be avoided.

So all in all, a very practical solution for the winter, and currently on special offer over at Vertbaudet.

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1 Response to Product Review: All in one skisuit

  1. Mandy says:

    Very interesting post – thanks. I think if you get the clothes right in Winter then you’re nearly all the way to getting kids outside all year round. I’ve just written a post on it that you can see on Facebook – I run weekly nature classes for the under 5s in Aberdeen so the post is really for local families, but the principles are still the same no matter which cold place you’re in! Best wishes, Mandy.

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