Events at The Children’s Wood

We had a lovely day at the Ditch the Stuff event and explored the North Kelvin Meadow and the Children’s Wood as part of it. At the event, lots of outdoor activities were put on and it was lovely to see some familar forest school practictioner faces as well as parents who I hadn’t seen in a while (we don’t often venture out to the West End). There was bow and arrow making, den building, a rope, lots of clay activities, info stalls and above all, space for imaginative exploration and my 5 year old was quick to make new friends,find the outdoor barbies and play hide and seek in the woods. Dr Carol Craig’s talk started all off and it was inspirational and I even found our very own Nurture in Nature playgroup with a lovely nature themed stall! Oh and the cakes… They were ueberyummy!

The Children’s Wood as a few events running this summer. The playgroup will continue to meet every Wednesday morning from 10-12 am. Cost: £1. It’s on whatever the weather, the woods give shelter, so even in pouring rain it’ll be great fun.

Additonally, there are a couple of weekend (Sunday events): There will be a Forest Creatures puppet show on 29th  July from 2-4pm, and to make it all complete, there’ll be face painting, prizes and more! The event is free though a donation of £1 is suggested.

On Sunday 12th August 2012 from 2-4pm It’s all about Stick Man: there will be free stroytelling and music by Tam Dean Burn, face painting, prizes and more. Free event!

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