Today was brought to you by… Daisies

Summer has sprung.

And today, it was all about daisies.

5 year old took off her shoes as usual, 1 year old copied her and was visibly exploring the feeling of grass and flowers on her feet. There was a lot of daisy picking, double headed daisy making and daisy chains. Daisies entertaining everyone, even the big people.

In other news we have a new pet. A snail living on a dandelion leaf – apparently it’s to join the snails at the nursery terrarium (they are doing mini beasties at the moment). I feel a bit sorry for the wee snail but we are trying to look after it well. I’m amazed at the amount of poo it produces, who’d have thunk.

Congratulations to Anna who won the two tickets to the Scottish Bird Fair and had a great time on Saturday.

And now to some pretty daisy pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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