Snowdrop Stroll

It was a status update just in time on Facebook, by the Finlayston Country Estate page, which commented on the weather forecast for the day, and it was good. I’m not a nice weather outdoors person, but after the downpours of yesterday, and a toddler who was a bit sicky in the morning, I have to admit that it was the prospect of a day outdoors without coming home absolutely drenched and cold to the bone had a certain lure.

Within half an hour we were out and on our way. It is the Snowdrop Festival and to celebrate the beautiful first signs of spring (which have been out for a while already due to the mild winter we had), Finlaystone Country Estate is running ranger led Snowdrop Strolls every Sunday in February at 2pm. My older daughter loves snowdrops, and although she wasn’t keen to go (she really wanted to visit the Disney store today because her infatuation with princesses is getting ever so slightly out of hand), it didn’t take long until she started to enjoy, well, every minute of our long stay.

The countryside ranger explained many interesting stories, some of which we missed out on because there were wooden wigwams and the like on route that were just too inviting not to explore.  After the guided walk, we lost ourselves in active and pretend play in the adventure play area, which in spite of the significant storm damage is still one of a kind. We lost ourselves so much, that we returned too late to buy the snowdrops on sale at the Eyeopener shop…

One could criticise the cost of Finlaystone, but I always find that we easily spend a full day there, and a very enjoyable one at that, although we’ve been many a time. So it is worth it, because really, kids of all ages will have hours of fun.

On 18th February at 7pm, there will be an hour long snowdrop lantern event at Finlaystone, with song and stories. Book in advance if interested.

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5 Responses to Snowdrop Stroll

  1. how do you add these lots of photos in one box idea that scrolls from pic to pic, what do you make it in cos I have always wanted to do it and dont know how. is it a wordpress idea or something that will work with blogger?

  2. Just beautiful. How was the poor pirate ship? I gather it was badly damaged.

    • cartside says:

      The pirate ship is pretty badly damaged, just a pile of wood now. However, lots of the wood of the trees that fell during the storms will be used to make more adventure play features, so it’ll take a while but it’ll make Finlaystone even more attractive. R didn’t miss the ship, she was busy with all the other things, although she always used to play for ages on it.

      • I haven’t been since the winds. If I’m honest it’s because I don’t want to see it wrecked, but you’re right the kids probably wouldn’t notice. We’ll be back soon. I love the sound of the lantern walk.

  3. cartside says:

    Elaine, It’s a wordpress thing, a slideshow – I upload all the photos for a post and then just click on slideshow and it’s done. I have a blogger blog too and the feature doesn’t exist there, though you can probably create a slideshow in some little application that exports into html code and then add to the post in blogger, going from visual to html view – mind you, I’ve not done it and don’t know if there actually is such a nifty software I just think it’s not that difficult to do. Picasa may have a functionality like this, and they are google owned as is blogger, so should be compatible.

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