Frozen Canal

The winter has been mostly mild so far. At the weekend we had a spell of frost, the kind of frost that adds a white frame to just the occasional leaf in Glasgow but that is proper frost in the east of the country. And east we went, to Linlithgow, along the canal, for a short but magic walk.

There were simple pleasures of the winter sunshine, so rare in the past few months, a donkey and a pony, walls to climb up, a little sister to carry and hold hands with.

And the canal of course. Covered with a thin sheet of ice, the 4 and 5 year old found stones just the right size to crack the ice when thrown. And the smaller ones? As they bounced off and slithered on the ice, they made the strangest of noises, a bit like a train on rails.

Again and again we listened to this sound, new every time and yet somehow the same. Unless the stone was big enough, and combined this otherworldy sounds with a crack and the sound of a sinking stone.

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This post is part of the fortnightly Outdoor Play Link up hosted by Mama Pea Pod, Greening Sam & Avery and Learning for Life. The aim of the link up is to share simple ideas for outdoor play and it’s a wonderful resource.

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4 Responses to Frozen Canal

  1. Looks beautiful:) I really should chat to you about joining forces with my Country Kids linky

  2. loved Linlithgow, me and the kids spent many many days/months/years there when my kids were little, their favourite pastime was rolling down the steep hill at the palace towards the pond.

  3. Kierna says:

    Wonderful photos & looks like you all had a great walk along the canal – I love frosty, dry winter weather. Cheers so much for linking up this week.

  4. anne says:

    So serene and pretty!

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