Review: Playhouses

I was approached by Playhouses to review one of their products. As a full disclaimer, I was sent a fabric playhouse to review and keep, all views expressed are mine.

Playhouses are a great thing if you have a large enough garden, which is not always the case, especially if you live in the city. This applies to us – we’d love to have a playhouse but our garden (we are lucky to have one) is far too small for even a small playhouse.

I was quite happy though to test out one of the smaller, fabric playhouses that the company sells. It is a pink princess castle, and as much as I’m sick of everything pink and princess, and as much as I thought it looked a bit tacky on the website, I changed my mind when it arrived. It’s build from durable material and much more substantial than I’d expected. The fabric is suitable for taking outdoors, and the tent is small enough not to take over our garden. What’s more, it’s easy to put and take down, and it folds up to a reasonably small size so that it doesn’t have to be a permanent feature of the garden. Oh, and it’s pretty in spite of being pink!

It’s more expensive than your average play tents, but that is because it comes with a frame and an underlay, and the material is much more durable than that of the cheaper tents on the market (which in our case have fallen apart after moderate use). So I’m rather pleased with it and it will be great for  encouraging outdoor play when we are at home. The company has a wide range of very beautiful playhouses on offer, specialising in wooden and the high end market of playhouses.

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3 Responses to Review: Playhouses

  1. did you get an underlay with yours? I blogged in mine that it was mentioned in the list of contents but I didnt actually get one. strange – maybe missing from my box yet didnt appear room in the box for one.

  2. cartside says:

    Hi Elaine, Thanks for mentioning this, mine also actually came without the underlay, I’d forgotten about it, but thanks to your comment I remember (I only unpacked it and packed it away so to keep it for a present). I’d wondered at the time too if I’d misread. Will chase this up because obviously the description mentions the underlay and it would be useful for outdoor use of the tent.

  3. PlayHouses says:

    I would love a castle for my daughter? Are they bespoke?

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