Hapa Zome – Flower transfers onto cotton cloth

For anyone who follows Nature Kids Glasgow on Facebook – I shared the Kindling blog post on the Japanese Hapa Zome technique. It was a welcome reminder of a craft activity that I’d come across before and absolutely love. It’s simple and so effective, that really there are few craft activities that can beat this. Ok, that’s maybe because I like pretty flowers. It’s so good that I couldn’t resist but “steal” the idea for this post.

All you need is some cotton cloth (white or cream), flowers (the juicier the better, but do try a range of different ones and watch how the results differ, there’s lots of learning in that too), and a hammering instrument (hammer, stone …).

Now put the cloth over the flower, or flower arrangement and hammer away. The pigment of the flower will transfer into the cloth.

As with pressing, you don’t have to stick to flowers for this – try out leaves too and see where it takes you!

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