Make a kite

Now, the idea behind today’s post was to make a kite, take photos and blog about it as this month’s nature craft activity. Just that we didn’t get beyond collecting a couple of sticks. The weekend was busy, and the one day of sunshine was used to get our 4 year old started on the big girls bike (and she’s doing well, even if still with a bit of granddad support) and enjoying the autumn sunshine outdoors. As it should have been. We have been busy and although I have enough ideas to keep to the posting schedule, I hadn’t quite envisaged that my offer for guest bloggers would only be taken up occasionally.

So if you would like to contribute to this blog by sharing a nature craft idea, a nature themed book, an outdoor or nature themed place to visit, or if you’d like to write about anything with a link to making sure children have quality outdoors and nature experiences, please, do get in touch. I had always envisaged this site as being a collaborate undertaking rather than my little hobby horse. I will try to keep to the schedule but at busy times like now, where work and family life are busy, where baby is demanding extra attention due to teething, as every parent will know, there can’t be promises. If you like this site and have something to share, please do. It’s nice to hear a different voice to mine, and hopefully this site will continue to develop into a useful resource for all Scotland based parents.

So today’s craft, without photos, but still methinks doable from words, is a real kite. I loved making these as a child, I loved collecting the sticks that would be just right, and carve them smooth (not necessary, I just enjoyed carving wood as a child). You will need two sticks to get you started, they should be thin but strong, so they don’t break in a gust of wind. tie them together with some string, forming a cross – you’re aiming for the crossover point to be about 1/3 from the end of the longer stick.

Once the cross is secure, carve a dent all along each stick end just off the end point – this is where string will go around. Now tie the string around the whole outside of the kite, from one end of the sticks to the next until the shape of the kite is formed. Then attach some string to the sticks that will be used to stabilise it once up in the air. Finish up by attaching plastic / paper or fabric sheets over the frame and gluing it together over the string. Finally attach the loose strings for stabilising the kite to a long piece of string and find an item to roll the string on – a loo paper roll would do for example.

Finally wait for some wind and let it fly!

(I found some illustrations by googling here)

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