Leaf Kite

This is a simple and quick craft activity perfect for autumn. It comes courtesy of the German Kinderclub where I came across this idea.

You will need: A biggish leaf, a piece of string, some sellotape though the string may do, and some strips of lightweight and paper, such as tissue paper, ideally in a few autumn colours (alternatively, you could paint white paper in autumn colours and use it).

Take the leaf, and some strips of different colour paper and attach them to the stem of the leaf with string by making a knot. The paper strips should go towards the leaf at the back and front, while the string should go away from the leaf. Secure with sellotape.

That’s it. Now pick up the string and run about with a leaf kite in the autumn wind! (Catching your 4 year old for a photos may prove a bit tricky. Sorry.)

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One Response to Leaf Kite

  1. What a fun & simple idea. I love it!

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