Places to go: Linn Park

One of the best things about Glasgow is that it is actually a very green city. There are so many parks to choose from that there really is no excuse to make outdoors time a regular feature.

One of my favourite parks is Linn Park. Although very close to public transport and residential areas, it retains a sense of wilderness, which is partly due to the gorge that the White Cart river has created itself.

Linn Park can be accessed from many parts of Glasgow: Cathcart at the Snuff Mill, Netherlee, Simshill are the most obvious access points. There are wide pathways throughout the park but also woods, meadows, hedges to explore. If you look hard, you may discover salmon making their way up the White Cart and there is no shortage of hobby fishing. The pretty cast iron and stone bridges add a dreamy feel to the park.

There are hidden dens to be found, play areas (one of which is a nature play area and particularly popular with the kids – they have so much more fun here than on the average type of swing park which the park has to offer too). The windy river offers pebble beaches, waterfalls and simply a stunning landscape. The images take you through the seasons, and the Nature Kids logo was also taken in Linn Park.

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