Monday Nature Craft: Picture Frames

A really simple craft activity that is suitable for children from approximately 3 years of age.
You will need:
6 Ice cream sticks
and stuff to decorate them – depending on the season you may opt for a seaside scene, an autumn scene etc. You could use paints, stickers, shells, small pinecones/acorns/leaves.

Arrange 4 ice cream sticks into a square and glue together at the edges. The remaining 2 will be glued at the back of either sides of the frame (i.e. you will have 2 parallel sticks each side, and one single stick at the top and the bottom of the frame). This creates an opening for the photo.

When we made our picture frame, we were at the beach and used sand glue (made by mixing wall paper paste and sand – you can apply very easily though it needs to dry overnight) for a beach scene, plus lots of stickers of bucket and spade, seagulls, lighthouse etc. The sky and see were painted.

For an autumn scene, use leaves, or other found objects, you could even glue soil to the frame!

Now all you need to do is put your favourite outdoor photos into it 😉

Why not use found sticks instead of ice cream sticks?

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