Storytime: Some classics

The other day I noticed that some of the most classic baby and toddler stories are actually set outdoors. Funny how the most obviously nature themed stories slip your attention but to make up for it, here are two books that really are a must have on every bookshelf and that also introduce the natural world into indoor or outdoor storytime:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Eric Carle’s classic shouldn’t need much more explanation. It’s all about the miraculous journey from egg to butterfly and eating rather a lot. Beautiful drawings in Carle’s distinctive style, touch, colour and repetition all make this a great read.

The Gruffalo:
Who doesn’t know the Gruffalo? Well really, if you don’t, you’re street cred isn’t really it, and you should go away with hanging head and find yourself a copy in the local library or bookshop. The Gruffalo really is a modern day classic. The story of the clever little mouse who manages to survive not due to size but due to wit is of timeless beauty. With him, we walk through the woods and encounter a fox, a snake and an owl. And a gruffalo of course lest I forget.

And there’s more Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler books that bring nature into your home. There’s Tiddler the Storytelling Fish, The Snail and the Whale, both of which introduce the young reader to the sea and its creatures while also having a strong positive message about storytelling and literacy.

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One Response to Storytime: Some classics

  1. we love the Gruffalo in this house, a brilliant book.

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