Rouken Glen

Rouken Glen possibly conjures up very different images in different people. For many, it’s synonymous maybe with the garden centre, for others with the pond and boats house (a cafe), and yet for others for a rather top notch swing park.

Rouken Glen has all this to offer, and more. The woodland walk along the glen of the White Cart is possibly one of the most scenic walks Glasgow, oops, East Renfrewshire has to offer. The small river winds itself through a gorge, down a spectacular waterfall and once calmed down again, moves slowly through almost rainforest like scenery.

A busy park at the weekend, if you visit during the week, you can truly leave everything behind and just go with the flow, explore and enjoy the tranquility of the glen. With the seasons the park changes too and although it is so close to Glasgow, it has a real sense of wilderness to it. Until you turn a corner and are in man-made  parklands again.

The swing park at the entrance is definitely worth a visit too, it’s one of the most varied you can find in the area. Often, the park hosts events and most weekends, you’ll find that one thing or another is on. And if it isn’t you can always round up your walk with a cuppa either at the boathouse or at the garden centre.

Access to the park and all features mentioned is free though there may be a charge for some attractions such as fair ground rides.

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