Storytime: Katie Morag

The Big Katie Morag Storybook has been a great find from the local library. The stories and illustrations take you on a journey to the fictional Scottish island of Struay, where Katie Morag grows up with beach, sea, shells and lovely people all around her in her picture perfect island village. Yes, it’s too good to be true, buy heyho, that’s what fiction is for!

The stories and poems follow Katie Morag’s daily adventures and they are a delight for both reading parent and listening child. Suitable from 5 years, we’ve kind of rationed our enjoyment a bit, because the stories are still a bit long for our 4 year old.

There is really rather a lot that appeals to me about the Katie Morag stories. It’s set on a Scottish island which, even if a tad on the idyllic side, isn’t that far from reality. The Scottish theme is important to us because it validates the children’s Scottish identity. Katie plays in a safe world where spending all day roaming outdoors is just the way things are, and how we hope things can be.

The simple beauty of the stories and illustrations are delightful and appealing, and with lots of books to choose from make for a great story collection.

Do you have a favourite story book that brings children closer to nature? If you would like to review it for our Tuesday Storytime spot, get in touch: cartside @ (leaving out the spaces)

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