Nature Detectives

This week I’m taking a break from presenting a particular nature craft activity. Instead, I’d like to introduce you to the Nature Detectives, which is the kids’ club of the Woodland Trust. If you sign up with Nature Detectives, you get a year’s worth of fabulous activities that get you out into nature and give you ideas what to do when outdoors.

You can simply have a look at their website or Facebook page, and there’s already rather a lot you can download for free. A simple sign up process and presto, you’ll get plenty of nature activities into your inbox.

Then there’s the option of an annual membership which so far I’ve not taken out because I felt my children were a bit too young for it and we had enough inspiration from the free activities. But for the upcoming birthday (5 years), I guess there might well be a membership in store! It’s affordable and you can rest in the knowledge that the money goes towards a charity that does an awful lot of good stuff, more than producing fabulous nature activities (though even for that I’m happy to give them some money because they are really rather good).

Some examples of the activities that come with Nature Detectives are matching leave shapes to trees, flowers and acorns to leaves, mini beastie hunts and making butterfly mobiles (that’ll be card board butterflies, in case you were wondering). Lovely stuff all around and I’m sure the grown up nature detectives will learn a thing or two too.

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