Book review: Gardening with Children

Today I’d like to share a lovely book that I found in our local library which gives parents lots of ideas of how to introduce young children to gardening. Gardening with Kids is jam packed to the brim with ideas – it’s not “just” the gardening that is featured, but anything that will take the gardening with children experience to different levels.

The book addresses safety as well as how to be prepared, which tools and other items to stuck, basic gardening principles and which plants are good for a child friendly garden. The information is really rather comprehensive, admittedly I never looked into gardening with children to such detail, my approach was just let them take part in whatever I’m doing anyway (which wasn’t always very successful).

There are of course the kids’ gardening favourites, such as cress eggheads or how to plant potatoes in a container. A herb garden to explore the sense of smell. But there’s much more to be discovered in this book: A butterfly basket for example which introduces butterflies and other flying insects to the garden, and with it the idea of pollination and why flying insects are good for any type of garden.

Or how about decorating cup cakes with crystallised pansies? Or making a wooden nesting box, painting plant pots or a pebble birdbath (it looks wonderful and it’s definitely on my list). There’s even a games section to round the book off.

The book is described as an introduction to gardening. In my view it’s much more than an introduction, it’ll keep you busy for a full year, possibly more.

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