It is autumn!

Well, I’m not sure if it’s officially autumn yet, but for me, once the chestnut trees go into their full coloured glory, autumn has sprung. So today it’s time for some autumn crafting which mainly means stuff you can do with leaves.

There’s really rather a lot, so here are my favourite activities to get you going for autumn:

For all the activities, it’s useful to have a collection of different leaves. Bring some home with you form a woodland walk or just from a walk around the block, there’s leaves everywhere really. For some activities, you may want to press the leaves which works the same as pressing flowers, or for others, you can use them as is. Some leaves dry quite well even without pressing.

1. leaf rubbings. Use fresh or pressed leaves. Put a sheet of paper on top of the leave, and using crayons, rub over the leaf to get a leaf print.

2. Leaf prints: paint the leaves with poster paint and print them onto a sheet of paper.

3. Create with leaves: Last autumn, we drew a tree and just glued leaves onto it. The tree is still up in our hall and the leaves are still good and nice! It’s a lovely reminder of how quick the year has gone and how the tree that the leaves came from is about to shed this year’s foliage.

4. Make things with your pressed leaves: cards, decorate picture frames, wreaths, hang different leaves with pegs on string over your fireplace, if you have spare picture frames, esp. with more than one opening/display, how about putting your different leaves in and displaying the most colourful ones?

This is just to get you started – have you got a leaf crafting idea you’d like to share? Please do in the comments (or blog about it and post the link in the comments).

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One Response to It is autumn!

  1. We made “Woodland People” (aka leaf people) 🙂

    Love your ideas, esp the “real tree”. How lovely that you still have it up a year later!


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