Pick your own

Have you ever picked your own? It’s a fabulous day out for the family, and if you haven’t tried it yet, make sure to fit it in before the season for it is over. There are lots of places along the east coast of Scotland for picking your own, less on the west coast where growing conditions aren’t so great with all that rain and lack of sunshine.

However, there is one place just outside of Glasgow where you can nip out and pick your own. East Yonderton Farm is the only Pick Your Own farm near Glasgow (Renfrewshire to be precise). It’s located right next to Glasgow airport, so the kids can watch planes take off and land as well (which may seem odd, but it’s actually great fun, you’ll rarely see planes taking off and landing quite so close to you). The farm has all kinds of soft fruit and some vegetables – you can pick your own at weekends and buy produce from their shop weekdays. For a list of all Pick Your Own farms in Scotland, you can find the details here. On this site you can also find farms in England and Wales.

We went last year and my then three year old loved it. We spent twice as long as we’d intended, picked twice as much as we’d planned, and spent a lot more than we had estimated.  We came to pick strawberries, and ended up with rather a lot of raspberries and enough peas to get us through the winter.

The following days were spent: jam making, preserving, eating. We now have 14 jars of jam to carry the summer goodness into the winter, a very knackered but happy mummy because there’s little cooking I enjoy more than making jam.

There were lots of families there, with children of all ages and the whole process is very pain free. You turn up, get a plastic picking basket (to be more environmentally friendly, take your own basket) and go off to pick. Upon exit, your yield is weighed and you pay for what you picked. Simple. And oh the pleasure of picking your own produce and pretending it’s your farm, your vegie patch… unbeatable.

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