Places to go: Cathkin Braes

Glasgow is really rich in wonderful country park lands. Many are not very well known, and I guess Cathkin Braes fits right into this category. It’s located at the outskirts of Glasgow, south of Castlemilk and north of Carmunnock and East Kilbride. The location at the top of a hill makes for great views.

As far as landscape is concerned, Cathkin Breas offer both meadows and forest walks. Historically, it’s also the place where Mary Queen of Scots watched her troops being defeated by the army of Queen Elizabeth I (the battle took place just next to where we stay) in the 16th century.

You can take short or long walk through the heath, marsh, woodland and meadows and discovered plenty of wildlife – some too quick to capture on film. My older daughter went from one discovery to the next and I felt I had a lot of learning to do with her constant enquiries as to names of plants. I really need to dig out some of my plant identification books.

Access to the country park is free of charge and it’s ideal for walkers, mountain bikers, joggers, or even on horseback. There are rather a lot of dog walkers, and with the Braes being quite wide, they are often not on a leash (though they should be to protect the wildlife and not scare the kids). The Braes are gentle and both toddler and 9 months pregnant proof. Take a picnic (there are no local services, bliss) and enjoy the views.

You can gain access from both north and south (north from Carmunnock and south from the Cathkin Braes car park). There are boards explaining about the wildlife and well maintained paths.

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  1. Thanks for this. I haven’t been to Cathkin Braes for ages.

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