Events and nature activities this week

Now that the summer has been and gone (it may have been one day in July, but nevermind), there are less and less outdoor and nature weekday activities happening in and around Glasgow, and even weekend events are getting rarer. As a consequence it doesn’t make much sense to have Wednesday as our upcoming activities spot AND Friday as our upcoming weekend events spot. There’s just not enough happening to justify two slots for two relatively similar posts.

Instead, all outdoor activities and events, whether weekday or weekend, will now be featured on Wednesday, covering the upcoming Thursday to following Wednesday, inclusive of the weekend. Friday in turn will be an open mike spot so to say – a bit like our Saturday slot.

So then, what’s on this week, from Thursday 8th to Wednesday 15th September?

Description: The Nightshift. Discover the animals that come to life from dusk to dawn on this walk. As the sun sets and you’re going to bed, a whole new world of creatures wake up – how many will you spot? The Rangers will also be joined by the Butterfly and Moth Conservation. Find out more about the importance of helping with the conservation of these important insects
Venue: Dean Castle Country Park, Dean Road, Kilmarnock, KA3 1XB
Date and Time: Saturday 10th September, 8pm
Cost: £2 adult, £1 child
Booking: yes, 01563 522702

Description: Food for free. Ever wondered which wild plants are good to eat? Join a Ranger-led walk to find safe and tasty edibles
Venue: Finlaystone Estate and Country Park
Date and Time: Saturday 10th September, 1-3pm
Cost: £3 child, £4 adult
Booking: not required.

Do you know of events this week? Please let us know!

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