Storytime: How Big is a Pig?

Today our storytime takes us to the old favourites, the farm animals. There is reason to this – we spent Sunday at the Country Fair of the National Museum for Rural Life (which incidentally was a bit of a disappointment, and I’m not sure whether to blame the weather, the few visitors or the way everything was set up. For all our excitement it was a tad of an anticlimax) and my little one just adores pigs. I know, it’s odd, but give her a sheet of images, she’ll point to the pig. Give her our basket of puppets and she’ll pick the pig. Show her a real one and she’s as excited as can be for an 11 month old. So this book, really, is quite the thing!

How Big is a Pig is illustrated by Clare Beaton. That is to say, the illustrations are made with felt and lots of stitches, lots of fabric love and if ever I adored an illustrator and her work, Clare Beaton must be the one. So much detail, so much love goes into the books, it’s quite extraordinary.

As to the story, it’s a simple rhyming exploration of opposites alongside the theme of farm animals, with a pig to be found on every page who is actually a piglet showing us the farm. It’s a great wee book for the very young reader and if you’re lucky, you’ll even discover the biggest pig of them all!

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