Organised Nature Activities this week

Unsure what to do this week to get out and about? Here are some tips of what’s on in and around Glasgow. Somehow, there’s a bat theme going methinks. And because bats are about at dusk, these activities are late, and generally recommended for children from 8 years.

So, you can go batty in Linn Park on Saturday and Sunday 8.30-10pm. This is  a guided tour by the Countryside Rangers which is free; however booking is essential. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Contact 0141 276 0927 or 0141 276 0931 to book.

Now that the summer holidays are over, there aren’t many activities during the week. If you still want to enjoy the outdoors, why not join the Nurture in Nature playgroup? It’s an informal group of families who enjoy playing outdoors. Every week a different park on the Southside of Glasgow is explored and all locations are accessible by public transport. Check out the Nurture in Nature page/tab for the schedule and just come along!

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