Storytime: Skip through the Seasons

Skip through the seasonsAs the seasons are turning soon, I find my older daughter enquiring about seasons and months over and over again. A great book to give a sense of what months are and how they relate to seasons, and, above all, how all of that relates to what we see and experience, is Skip through the Seasons.

It’s a colourful hide and seek book with lots of objects that young children can spot in the attractive illustrations. There is rhyming text that goes through the months of the year too. All the objects are not just for spotting but for expanding talk about the seasons and the world in general too. Each month’s scene is set outdoors, in very different settings, covering a lot of scenery to talk about.

Finally, at the end of the book, there’s plenty of information on the months, the meaning of their names and their origins, as well as lots of factual information on the seasons, different calendars, even the months in different languages and the deities they relate too.

The book offers a lot for children from 1 year to at least 7 years of age – while the main text is short enough for the very young, the book offers so much expansion of knowledge and vocabulary that it still has something in store for older preschoolers and even primary school aged children.

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  1. HI Nature Kids, thanks for a great book review. Would you be interested in writing a piece for Mindful Mum on ‘nature and children’? Our Eco Mum correspondent has written on the benefits of play outdoors, and it would be lovely to have a response from an ‘nature kids’ advocate…

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