A Garden for Fairies

Last week, on our various outings, we decided to collect a few items from the woods. It was a collection of odds and ends, added to by a quick stroll into the back lane.

Our ultimate goal was to create a small fairy garden. I have a feeling it won’t be our last fairy garden because, as many 4 year old girls, she adores fairies and nothing can be more enthusing than creating a fairy garden.

There is so much to this project. I like the way it develops, the opportunities for crafting it gives, how it opens the eyes to materials which can be collected, how it encourages creative transformation of the “raw materials”, how it becomes a play scene, encourages role play and above all creates something created from living things.

Fairy GardenOurs is a tiny fairy garden, but we are already planning a bigger one. Above all, it’s just an example, and the beauty will be in the individual creation that every child comes up with. So, we used moss, pine cones, sea shells, pebbles, bark, lichen, mosaic tiles (we have a great supply in the back lane of those) and some paint.

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