Seashell Chimes/Mobile

Shell MobileThis is a really simple and quick nature craft activity with a beautiful end result that will be treasured: Chimes or a mobile from found objects. In the summer, a trip to the beach will hopefully mean a few sea shells in the house with which to make this, otherwise, any found objects from nature can be used (pine cones, even leaves and feathers would do, or you could felt some wool into animals for this activity).

You will need: some pieces of string/yarn – in different colours for effect; some shells; a wooden stick.

Double the string and tie the first shell in the middle. Make a double know a bit further up from the first shell, then add second shell, tie with a double knot. Repeat until the first string is done (I used 3 shells on each string). Tie the string onto the stick. Do the same for the other strings (I did 3). Then, with another piece of string, make a hanger. You can now hang up the chimes/mobile indoors or outdoors. My older daughter chose our tree in the back.

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  1. Debi says:

    I love this idea! Couldn’t resist sharing it with my readers today:

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