Find it Make it

With the summer in full swing and during these pre-school holidays, we have more time than usual to fill with craft activities. So off we went to the library and came across this lovely book, brimming with ideas:

Outdoor Green Crafts for Children: Find it, Make it by Clare Youngs. It is a beautifully photographed collection of 35 projects, with step by step guides. They range from the simple and quick to the slightly more elaborate.  My 4 year old was instantly taken by the projects and wants to make … well, everything. For me, there are some old favourites as well as new ideas – who knew how easy it is to make your own paper?

All the projects use found materials only, whether these are found outdoors or indoors. It gives ideas on what you can do with stuff that would otherwise go into the rubbish bin, with these beautiful projects, they are given a new life and much delight to the kids. All of the projects are cheap to make because they use mainly found items, there are also tips on what to look out for and what is useful to have at home for crafting activities.

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