Dirty Dens and Bivvys

One of my favourite places to visit is Whitelee Wind Farm near Eaglesham in South Lanarkshire. It just has so much to offer and makes for a great day out as well as a short visit. The Visitor Centre has regular events on which all relate to the outdoors or to renewable energy. All the events I’ve visited so far have been a great success. They tend to be aimed at Primary aged children, but my pre-schooler loves them too.

This week’s event at Whitelee Wind Farm is Dirty Dens and Bivvys. It runs from 2-4pm on Thursday afternoon, 21st July 2011. It’s a family event where children and adults alike have the opportunity to create their own shelter from the materials they find in the woods, and then test how well it protects them from the elements. Sounds like a lot of fun, and a lot of learning in it too!

Booking is essential and you can do so by phoning 0141 577 3008

Cost? This event is free of charge.

Where? Whitelee Wind Farm, Lochgoin, Fenwick, Ayrshire, KA3 6EX

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