Launching Nature Kids (Glasgow)

Time outdoors, playing until the sunlight fades, long evenings, endless exploring. Mudpies, catching tadpoles, splashing in the puddles after a heavy downpour. Are these the memories of childhood you treasure?

More and more, children are wrapped up in cotton wool by care providers, in nursery and school, at home and on trips, in the name of health and safety. Of course our children need to be safe, but let’s not forget the fun and experiences that outdoor play brings.

Children who play outdoors regularly will have more respect for nature. They will appreciate the fragile connections of our planet. While out playing and exploring they will acquire essential life skills. Risk assessment, risk taking, co-operation, confidence and creativity to play with what’s around and available. They will learn to shape their environment and make things, rather than buy and consume without thought.

Nature Kids (Glasgow) wants to bring the outdoor and nature fun back into play. With activities, events and venues in and around Glasgow, with ideas for nature play and crafts, reviews about children’s books about nature, and with a forum for some food for thought. Hopefully it will be a useful and inspiring resource for parents and children who would like to connect with nature in Greater Glasgow.

Every day of the week has a special theme. Check in on Mondays for a craft activity, on Tuesdays there will be a book review. Wednesday we’ll tell you about an organised activity that you can attend with your children and on Thursday we’ll introduce you to a place to visit. Friday will get you into the mood for the weekend with an event happening near you. Saturday is reserved for some thought on connecting children with nature or may introduce you to an initiative that we have come across. For any commercial product reviews we have reserved the Sunday spot.

I hope that you will find Nature Kids a useful resource.

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One Response to Launching Nature Kids (Glasgow)

  1. Amaro Elices says:

    Hi Steffi,

    – I think this is a gorgeous idea! Would like to have such an informative site for my town/region!
    Hope you’re all well! greetings from Germany,

    Ampi & Co

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